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We are excited to announce some news for today. Our team has been diligently working on the IIMEO project, and now we are thrilled to present what a significant progress in recent month we have made. We recognize the value of keeping our community informed and engaged, which is why we are committed to giving regular progress updates. The three following Deliverables describe our development in the project that you can find in our Library.

These new deliverables include:

  • Data Management plan – create and put into action a data management plan that would set necessary procedures and allow for ongoing monitoring of the data management inside the project.

  • Dissemination and Use Plan – in order to ensure that the project, its results, and accomplishments are widely distributed by the pertinent and identified target audiences in a proper manner, it is important to support the project results distribution as well as promote awareness and raise visibility of the project, its outputs, and its aims.

  • State-of-the-Art Update, Requirement & Use Cases Specifications – established set of pilot use cases for monitoring infrastructure, relevant requirements gathered, including end users' requirements for the pilot; a specification of the changing technical needs is provided together with an update of the underlying technology, such as onboard processing, notably data compression and reduction.

We are truly grateful for your continued support and interest in the IIMEO project. As we embark on the next phase of our journey, we remain committed to delivering innovative solutions that address the pressing challenges faced by our communities and the world at large. As IIMEO moves towards its conceptual and specification phase, we encourage you to stay connected for upcoming developments and eagerly welcome any inquiries, suggestions, or innovative ideas you may have. By joining forces, we can create a lasting impact and bring about significant transformations in the Earth Observation domain that truly matter.

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