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Assembling Spacecraft

OHB Digital Connect


OHB Digital Connect GmbH is a subsidiary of the European technology and space group OHB SE. With more than 250 employees at five locations in Germany, it is the largest company in the OHB Group's Digital segment. With its expertise in four interlinked technical domains (Communication and Sensing Solutions – Satellite Ground Systems – Telescopes, Antennas and Smart Mechatronics – Satellite Operations), OHB Digital Connect focuses on establishing secure connections between space, the ground and a wide variety of end users. The range of activities includes end-to-end services for space infrastructure, the construction and operation of ground stations as well as the development of downstream services tailored to the exact requirements of a broad customer base.

Role in Project

OHB is facing with evaluating full prototypes, showcasing the effectiveness of advanced on-board space data approaches through public demonstrators, and assessing key performance indicators (KPIs). Additionally, OHB is responsible for completing a methodological framework and roadmap, as well as finalising dissemination, exploitation plans, and a roadmap to space.

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